A rather political piece for first weekly photo challenge. Challenge being a most appropriate choice of word, which encapsulates the tribulations of returned service personnel of the Australian Defence Force.

This photograph, a negative scan of a protest rally against the federal parliament, aptly named “348+”, to signify the over 348 ex-service personnel (at the time of February, 2016) who have taken their lives. Partly, the common denominator has been due to these members of the Australian military umbrella being ostracised and financially burdened by their pain, their debilitated condition, or their cessation of will to continue on the fight for their right to fairness.

This photograph embodies waiting too long.

In 2017 alone, over 55 veterans have taken their lives, a number that continues to grow faster than the previous year. Many have banded together in a push for a Royal Commission, while others have dejected themselves from ongoing protest. It is a David and Goliath scenario, although Goliath has the reins in the battle.

Waiting is representative of my arduous September, in waiting for my medical tribunal to reach its impending day. 19 days remain, and the love I have for the one beside me, and the will power instilled in me, will never see a cross to represent me as a statistic.

To those who have served, to those who feel lost, to those who are struggling. Hang in there, for the fight is never lost.

Photo taken on a Mamiya RZ67 pro ii with a Sekkor 110mm glass lens. Ilford HP5 120 black and white negative film. Ilford multigrade stand develop, agitation.



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